Sunday, December 23, 2007

Welcoming Board

Welcome to the visitation & visualisation of what we used to call "The Past".
It shall from now forward be referred to as: "The Present & Now".
Along the way, you will be observing many idioms and peculiar items, some that were looked upon as unimportant & others that were revered, and even some that were rejected. Some were loved, some were hated and some were merely scoffed at, and not always in a constant time frame.
Before we begin, I would like to give a few special thanx...... (For various reasons)
Firstly, I suppose, Mr. William F. Earl, his web-site is
GONE... (but google him anyway...)
He gave me my first opportunity at delving into the world of Blogging. So, A BIG Thanx to Big Bad Bill.
Next, I will just list folks who I reckon should be acknowledged....
The Insane Darrell Wayne, Funk, Jason Jeffries,
and, my wife; Irene.(to be continued)
So, let us proceed, K?

1 comment:

William F. Earl said...

My ORIGINAL website is gone, but MOST of the old site was salvaged and saved, and has been redisplayed on a NEW site I both advise and consult...

And thank you, Timmy, for the mention. I MISS those Dec 2006/January 2007 shows we did together for

But you can hear me jocking AGAIN starting in April 2009, on spinning those heavy hits...but WITHOUT Triumph the Dog, like we had with us in Ventura. :)

BiLL Earl
KXOA, Sacramento CA