Monday, December 24, 2007

Radiology Department

Sly, and perhaps somewhat high, Mr. Larry Woodside & his faithful companion; Funk, 2006
Perhaps a chuckle and a smoke from Larry Woodside, at the studio in 1981 will evoke visions of Devolution to you all...
Howling from the northern halls of Canada's CHUM, 2/22/1976, Wolfman Jack!
A happy & talented Mr. Bill Kingman, speaking on KPPC/FM, 1959

An upcoming Jason Jeffries & his friend, Huggy Boy on Duty at KRLA/AM in Los Angeles, California
The Bar-BQ gang in Ventura... Left to right: Jason Jeffries, Larry Woodside, FoXette, Funk, Shane, Darrell Wayne, & some interloper, me, Timmy

The trio is Shadoe Stevens, The Insane Darrell Wayne and Don Elliot
Outside in Beautiful Lake Tahoe, Darrell Wayne of KROQ/FM & KOCP/FM fame and Mr. Bill Kingman, of KPPC/FM fame.
Here we see The Insane Darrell Wayne trying to do a remote broadcast interview while his boss Derrek Lloyd from the "Rock & Roll Void" adjusts the equipment out in the wild streets of Grants, New Mexico during the fabled "Fire & Ice Biker Rally" of 2005.

So, here we have mi amigos, the one & only FoXy, on the "Stream" with Funk; Mr. Barry Funkhouser, also Funk with Rick Dees.

Mr. Shadoe Stevens, after departing The East Coast, during his Prime Top 40 L.A. Radio Dazes... 93 KHJ/AM & KRLA 1110 AM, Soon after this period he would enjoy Free Forming FM on KROQ & KMET...

Mr. Boris Karloff on NBC Radio, probably during the 1940's
Mr. Bernie Bustos in 1978, at KMIN/AM Radio, in Grants, New Mexico.

Dick Saint on CFL/AM Radio in Canada, 1972

Her name is Clair

His name is Dick Saint. this is when he was at CFL/AM, in Canada

Here we go, with what could be the Main Section: RADIO RELATIONS
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vice Sqaud (Cig's)

Fire one up & take it in...

The power of positive puffing...

Not too sure, but I think Jer had his own brand o' smokes...

Cigars, Cigarettes, Tiparillos?

They used to be such NICE boys...
Big Bad Johnnys enjoying a quick puff

The Omnipresent Ian Whitcomb

We all have done this or have been next to someone who was doing this. SMOKING...
Is it as bad as the present day authoritys say? I dunno...

It sure passed a lot of otherwize productive time.

There will be other "Vice Squad" topics in the future of this Blog,

Stay Tuned...

Welcoming Board

Welcome to the visitation & visualisation of what we used to call "The Past".
It shall from now forward be referred to as: "The Present & Now".
Along the way, you will be observing many idioms and peculiar items, some that were looked upon as unimportant & others that were revered, and even some that were rejected. Some were loved, some were hated and some were merely scoffed at, and not always in a constant time frame.
Before we begin, I would like to give a few special thanx...... (For various reasons)
Firstly, I suppose, Mr. William F. Earl, his web-site is
GONE... (but google him anyway...)
He gave me my first opportunity at delving into the world of Blogging. So, A BIG Thanx to Big Bad Bill.
Next, I will just list folks who I reckon should be acknowledged....
The Insane Darrell Wayne, Funk, Jason Jeffries,
and, my wife; Irene.(to be continued)
So, let us proceed, K?