Monday, December 24, 2007

Radiology Department

Sly, and perhaps somewhat high, Mr. Larry Woodside & his faithful companion; Funk, 2006
Perhaps a chuckle and a smoke from Larry Woodside, at the studio in 1981 will evoke visions of Devolution to you all...
Howling from the northern halls of Canada's CHUM, 2/22/1976, Wolfman Jack!
A happy & talented Mr. Bill Kingman, speaking on KPPC/FM, 1959

An upcoming Jason Jeffries & his friend, Huggy Boy on Duty at KRLA/AM in Los Angeles, California
The Bar-BQ gang in Ventura... Left to right: Jason Jeffries, Larry Woodside, FoXette, Funk, Shane, Darrell Wayne, & some interloper, me, Timmy

The trio is Shadoe Stevens, The Insane Darrell Wayne and Don Elliot
Outside in Beautiful Lake Tahoe, Darrell Wayne of KROQ/FM & KOCP/FM fame and Mr. Bill Kingman, of KPPC/FM fame.
Here we see The Insane Darrell Wayne trying to do a remote broadcast interview while his boss Derrek Lloyd from the "Rock & Roll Void" adjusts the equipment out in the wild streets of Grants, New Mexico during the fabled "Fire & Ice Biker Rally" of 2005.

So, here we have mi amigos, the one & only FoXy, on the "Stream" with Funk; Mr. Barry Funkhouser, also Funk with Rick Dees.

Mr. Shadoe Stevens, after departing The East Coast, during his Prime Top 40 L.A. Radio Dazes... 93 KHJ/AM & KRLA 1110 AM, Soon after this period he would enjoy Free Forming FM on KROQ & KMET...

Mr. Boris Karloff on NBC Radio, probably during the 1940's
Mr. Bernie Bustos in 1978, at KMIN/AM Radio, in Grants, New Mexico.

Dick Saint on CFL/AM Radio in Canada, 1972

Her name is Clair

His name is Dick Saint. this is when he was at CFL/AM, in Canada

Here we go, with what could be the Main Section: RADIO RELATIONS
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