Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Shadoe Knows

~For Sale~
Unearthed Air-checks of Shadoe Stevens
Recently remastered on CD format.
Hear such L.A. Radio stations such as: KHJ/AM, KMET/FM,
KRLA/AM, (when it was Rock & Roll), ; KROQ/AM & FM !!!
Also KQWB, KILO From North Dakota, from back in the mid-sixties!!!
And, as ifn'a that just wasn't enough, how about KIKX/AM, Tucson, Arizona!
Travel back in time wit D’ Shadoe to the grand era of
the 1970's in Los Angeles!
Dozens of different discs ready to be delivered to your mail box...
None of this material has ever been released, to ANYONE, ever before!
Each double-disc CD set of the great legendary Disc Jockey, Shadoe Stevens, comes in it’s own specially designed jewel case.
Each one comes with a greeting note from Shadoe.
This is the ONLY authorized release of these air-checks
direct from the vault of The Shadoe!
And, get this; for only $12.00 each! (Plus S. & H.)
Contact Timmy at:
or at: 805-653-1448

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BwcaBrownie said...

Hi Timmy - over at Tom Sutpen's, you didn't notice that Spector's son had commented before you left yours. I would have been amused by your comment, if that hadn't been the case.
I guess it's a little nudge to us that people charged with criminal acts have innocent family members who must suffer terribly.
You must be a good person (because you love music so well) and want to go back and say something kind to him.
peace and love